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          1. A Sharp Journey

            Tokuji Hayakawa, Sharp Founder

            Story of Founder Tokuji Hayakawa - Chronology

            1893 - 1901
            Tokuji Hayakawa's Background
            1901 - 1912
            Experiencing Work and Human Kindness
            1912 - 1914
            September 15, 1912: Tokuji Sets Up His Own Business
            1915 - 1923
            Invention of the Hayakawa Mechanical Pencil
            1915 - 1926
            Never Giving Up Until Making the Sale, No Matter What
            September 1—The Fateful Day When Everything Was Lost
            Making a Comeback in Osaka, a New Land
            1925 - 1928
            "This Is It!" -An Instinct that the Era of Radio Would Come
            1926 - 1935
            Foresight Not Only for Products, but Also in Developing Sales Channels
            1929 - 1931
            Growing as a Radio Manufacturer
            1936 - 1937
            Developing a New Conveyor, Striving for Production Efficiency
            Thinking Back on His Own Misfortune—Building a Place for Young People to Learn
            1937 - 1945
            Even in Wartime, Constantly Striving for Business Continuity
            Moving Toward Postwar Reconstruction—Starting With Repair Services
            Gratitude to the Visually Impaired—Establishing a Special Metalworking Plant
            1951 - 1953
            Twenty Years after Predicting the Age of Television, Achieving a Long-Cherished Wish
            A Spirit of Service that Impressed the Social Entrepreneurs of the World
            Tokuji's Conviction: There Will Soon Be "One Television Set Per Household"
            Opening a Day-Care Center to See the Smiles of Children Opening the Ikutoku-en Nursery School
            1954 -
            Business Friends Across the Sea Ultimately Become Friends Dedicated to Service
            1959 -
            Predicting the Future: "The Biggest Challenge Will Be to Make Use of the Heat and Light of the Sun"
            1962 -
            "Make Products that Others Want to Imitate"
            - 1980
            A Life of Always Moving Forward, Always Looking One Step Ahead

            Story of Founder Tokuji Hayakawa - Manga contents

            About Sharp

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