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          1. CSR / Environment

            For Local Communities

            Promoting Social Contribution Activities

            Fiscal 2018 Objectives Fiscal 2018 Achievements Self-Evaluation
            • Continue to collaborate with local communities to solvesocial problems, with employees taking the lead role in conducting activities that benefit communities
            • Total number of participants in environmental conservationactivities: 10,389 (including family members), total number of activities: 603
            • Career education provided to total of 1,798 students at special-needs schools
            Priority Objectives for Fiscal 2019
            • Continue to collaborate with local communities to solve social problems, with employees taking the lead role in conducting activities that benefit communities
            • Self-evaluation: ★★★ Achieved more than targeted / ★★ Achieved as targeted / ★ Achieved to some extent

            Based on its business philosophy of “contributing to the culture, benefits, and welfare of people throughout the world,” Sharp contributes to regional advancement as a member of the communities where it does business. To help foster a relationship of mutual prosperity with communities, Sharp employees take the initiative in carrying out voluntary and ongoing social contribution activities centered on the environment, education, and social welfare.

            Environmental Conservation Activities

            Sharp carries out activities led by Sharp Green Club (SGC)*, a volunteer organization composed of Sharp and its labor union. This group pursues environmental conservation activities at business sites and sales and service bases in Japan. SGC’s activities include the following: Sharp Forest projects conducted in seven areas to protect biodiversity and regenerate satoyama (areas that lie between the foot of a mountain and arable land); and efforts to protect wetlands in accordance with the Ramsar Convention at four locations. In addition, Sharp bases carry out activities such as cleanups and tree-planting in collaboration with locals as part of their commitment to communities.

            In fiscal 2018, 603 such activities were conducted with the participation of a total 10,389 people (Sharp executives, employees, family members, and others). Looking ahead, Sharp will continue to contribute to local areas by conducting community-based activities.

            • A joint Sharp labor-management volunteer organization that conducts activities such as forest preservation and cleanups.

            Case Study

            Asuka Village in Nara Prefecture still retains highly precious natural features and scenery rooted in history, yet damage has been suffered by some forests and terraced fields. Employees, family members, and others come together four or five times a year to work on recreating this historical scenery.

            A total of 67 people joined in, working in preservation activities such as planting flowers and fruit trees of types mentioned in the ancient Man’yoshu collection of poems.

            Nakaumi lake straddles the prefectures of Tottori and Shimane in the San’in region of Japan. The area around the lake is a precious habitat for wild birds, including waterbirds.

            Employees of Sharp Yonago Corporation (Yonago, Tottori) joined other local volunteers in removing weeds from the area. This activity was organized by a group of enterprises committed to environmental issues in Yonago. Removing weeds helps to create a safe environment for the waterbirds.

            Educational Support Activities for Disabled Children

            Since fiscal 2012, Sharp Corporation and Sharp Tokusen Industry Co., a Sharp special subsidiary*, have been working together to enhance career education activities conducted at special-needs schools and similar organizations for disabled students. The aim of these activities is to foster a career-minded perspective in students and motivate them to work and achieve greater self-sufficiency. The following courses are provided.

            • A subsidiary that has made special efforts supporting the employment of disabled people, as defined in Japan’s Act on Employment Promotion, etc. of Persons with Disabilities (for example, improving facilities where the disabled work).
            • Workplace tour: Visit the workplace of disabled employees and attend a lecture
            • Workplace experience: Experience work where disabled employees are active
            • School visit: Disabled Sharp employee visits schools to give talks on what it means to work

            A workplace visit

            A participant in a workplace experience

            A classroom during a school visit


            Comment from the Principal of the Ehime Prefectural Matsuyama School for the Deaf That Sharp Visited

            Our school has been fortunate enough to enjoy the school visits for career education by Sharp Tokusen Industry ever since the beginning of this program, now in its 8th year in fiscal 2019. We appreciate the visits by Sharp Tokusen representatives and executives, who view these classes and give words of encouragement to our pupils.

            Our school provides education to hearing-impaired students from pre-school level to senior high school level. Our educational activities as a whole are geared to shaping careers so that each individual student can live independently in society. When we first requested the school visits, they were limited to the junior high school and high school students. However, believing in the need to make children consider from as early a stage as possible about the meaning and purpose of work, we now have elementary students participate.

            Though the number of pupils is small, there is a wide age range from elementary to senior high school. Each time, the staff of Sharp Tokusen’s General Affairs Division give attention to every detail, carefully selecting the content and considering how to teach it. I am always impressed by the talks from the hearing-impaired employees working at Sharp Tokusen, as they mention issues that directly face our pupils, deeply affecting and inspiring them. The visits are highly precious opportunities for our students, and we are deeply grateful for Sharp Tokusen’s ongoing support.

            Through our relationship with Sharp Tokusen we hope to focus the efforts of our entire school on pursuing true career education while heightening the motivation of each child to find work. We hope to continue to receive counsel and support, and at the same time look forward to the ongoing prosperity of Sharp Tokusen.

            Kayoko Hashimoto
            Principal, Ehime Prefectural Matsuyama School for the Deaf


            Comment from an Instructor at a School Visit

            I believe that these school visits are precious opportunities to bring people together. Sometimes the message is light and cheerful, sometimes it is strict and harsh, but seeing the pupils listen so intently to what I have to say gives me the strength to go on to the next class. Working as an instructor has helped broaden the scope of my work as well as enhancing my skills, such as communication inside the company and written Japanese. In my private life also, it has given me more confidence in communication with people in the local community.

            Though I am not a professional teacher, I will make the most of feedback and advice from the school staff and children, so that I can provide even better classes.

            Hiromi Tanaka
            Assistant Supervisor, Sharp Tokusen Industry Co.

            Activities around the World

            At Sharp bases around the world, employees take on a range of social problems through activities such as tree planting, forest rejuvenation, and releasing young fish into the wild to protect and foster biodiversity, as well as local cleanups. Sharp will continue to be firmly rooted in the community as it carries out social contribution activities in every way possible.

            Case Study

            Sharp (Phils.) Corporation (SPC)

            On June 29, 2018, Sharp’s Philippines sales and production company SPC gave an environmental education lesson to fourth and fifth grade pupils of the local Lakeview Integrated School.

            The lesson was an opportunity for the children to learn the importance of the diversity of nature and its protection, so that they can contribute to preservation of the global environment.

            Case Study

            Sharp Manufacturing Corporation (M) Sdn. Bhd (SMM)

            On March 23, 2019, a health-boosting, environment friendly Endurance Bicycle Race was held at Sharp’s Malaysian production base SMM.

            Members of the local community joined SMM employees to bring the participants to approximately 250. The event featured lots of aerobic exercise, fun environment-related games, a mountain bike race, and tree planting.

            Case Study

            S & O Electronics(Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.(SOEM)

            On December 16, 2018, employees of Sharp’s Malaysian sales and production company SOEM participated together with local residents in cleaning of a social welfare facility for the elderly. A total of 93 participants split into two groups to clean the walls and surrounding area of the facility.

            The primary purpose of this activity was to promote the spirit of volunteer participation and encourage selflessness, as well as helping to preserve the greenery and buildings of the community.

            Case Study

            Sharp Electronics (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. (SEM)

            On April 21, 2019, Sharp’s Malaysian technology development and parts supply company SEM held the Sharp I Love Shah Alam Fun Run 2019 .

            This event promoted fitness through a long-distance run starting from SEM’s offices. The employees livened the event up with a concert and dance, as well as taking steps to prevent dehydration through use of misting gates and providing drinks cooled in refrigerators.

            Case Study

            P. T. Sharp Electronics Indonesia (SEID)

            As part of Earth Day, an event that seeks to increase awareness of global and environmental problems, SEID, Sharp’s sales and production base in Indonesia, on April 27 and 28, 2019, held the Sharp Greenerator Inauguration and Workshop for the younger generation.

            This event taught the importance of reducing the amount of home garbage, then featured a hike in forests and along rivers, teaching about rare species along the way. The participants picked up garbage while taking part in the hike, and finally planted seedlings native to the forest.

            Case Study

            P. T. Sharp Electronics Indonesia (SEID)

            Followers of Islam fast over the period of Ramadan. On May 22, 2019, SEID, Sharp’s sales and production base in Indonesia, held its annual CSR program, Sharp Bersedekah*1 in the spirit of Ramadan.

            A hundred children from three orphanages in the north of Jakarta were invited to enjoy quizzes and games. The company gifted each orphanage with food, stationery for study, and washing machines to wash their hijabs*2.

            • *1 “Bersedekah” means to give alms in Indonesian.
            • *2 A head covering worn by Muslim women.