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          1. CSR / Environment

            Contributing to the SDGs through Business

            Sharp aims to provide new value to the world and offer solutions to global social challenges by bringing to life our business policies of 8K+5G Eco System and AIoT* World.

            Each business unit (BU) has created medium- to long-term slogans in their own realm of business themed on the contributions they will make to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2015, in an effort to both expand their business and produce solutions to social challenges.

            • AIoT is a word coined by Sharp, combining the words AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (Internet of things).
              “AIoT” is registered trademark of Sharp Corporation.

            The Links Between Sharp's Business and the SDGs - Smart Life Group -

            Smart Appliances & Solutions BU

            Offering support through AIoT for a safe, healthy, and comfortable lifestyle. Yielding a smart life for the near future through people-oriented AIoT.

            In our aim to help create a healthy and comfortable life, Smart Appliances & Solutions supplies customers globally with a variety of household appliances and professional-use products, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens, and air purifiers.

            We offer users a safe, healthy, and comfortable lifestyle in a variety of ways by applying AIoT* to conventional household appliances to match their lifestyle and preferences, such as proposing healthful food recipes, ensuring safe and comfortable indoor air environments, and reducing household chores.

            Further, we carry out eco-friendly practices at the development stage on a continuing basis, such as the development of low-power-consumption technology, low-resource-use design, and the active use of recycled plastics. In the production stage, we establish numerical objectives for each factory and work to achieve them in an effort to reduce the consumption of electricity and gas by the factories, as well as reductions in the volume of waste produced.

            Smart Appliances & Solutions will continue to use its unique creativity to develop eco-friendly technology while advancing the evolution of AIoT to realize a safer, healthier, and more comfortable smart life for customers.

            • AIoT is a word coined by Sharp, combining the words AI (artificial intelligence) and IoT (Internet of things). AIoT is a vision of how products and services will connect to artificial intelligence via the cloud and become a people-oriented existence.
            Sharp Energy Solutions Corporation (SESJ)

            Providing eco-friendly, energy-producing solar power systems to countries around the world to help solve the pressing energy challenges we face.
            Making people's lives even better by providing energy solutions (systems and services) that can make clever use of electricity.

            This year marks the 60th anniversary of Sharp's journey in solar power systems, which began from this observation made by Sharp's founder, Tokuji Hayakawa: “If we could find a way of generating electricity from limitless solar heat and light, that would benefit humankind to an extent we can scarcely imagine.”

            SESJ has remained true to these words, and works consistently from development to sales, installation, and after-sales service in its domestic and overseas energy solutions business to contribute to achieving the SDGs.

            Specifically, through the expanding installations of solar power systems on rooftops of housing and factories to mega-solar projects, we are working to achieving goals 7 and 13 of the SDGs.

            With a view towards promoting the use of renewable energy sources, we are also working to create smart homes that merge with people-oriented IoT home appliances. We are also creating new solutions, like self-consumption systems that efficiently link sower power systems with storage batteries and systems to cut peak demand to help achieve goals 11 and 12 of the SDGs.

            Solar power plant (Quang Ngai, Vietnam)

            Camera Module BU

            Expanding business and solving social issues through the innovation of camera technology from simply taking pictures to recognizing what's in them.

            Camera Module develops and sells camera modules for primarily smartphones. The smartphone market has entered a period of low growth; however, with compound-lens cameras on smartphones, this field still retains the possibility for growth in the future.

            Developments in AI allow for expanded new uses through the merger of cameras and AI, with expectations placed on technological innovation towards cameras that go beyond simply taking pictures but also having recognition capabilities. AI cameras are already in use for biometric authentication, surveillance, automotive applications, and monitoring uses. Further use in all types of infrastructure is anticipated for the future.

            Camera Module is also working on 3D sensing technology. By adding 3D information to image data, we are working to improve sensing precision and strengthen security. We are also considering applications in the field of entertainment, such as with VR and AR.

            Camera Module will continue to work to improve the basic performance of camera modules, and will leverage the technology that has been developed with smartphones to work towards 8K compatibility, miniaturization, and other applications outside of smartphones. By applying this technology to other fields, such as medicine with 8K endoscopic cameras that can visualize arteries that were not visible before, or in surveillance with miniaturized AI surveillance cameras that can automatically detect intruders, we will contribute to building a safer and more reliable society.

            Camera modules and products that use them

            Sharp Fukuyama Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (SFS), Sharp Fukuyama Laser Co., Ltd. (SFL)

            Helping to create a people-oriented society through devices that serve as the technological infrastructure for 8K and AIoT.

            SFS and SFL create the various key devices that underpin Sharp's unique products. We currently develop and sell the devices and modules that are the technological infrastructure for 8K and AIoT.

            8K technology is not simply limited to TV broadcasting. Because it handles an overwhelmingly large amount of data, there are other anticipated applications for it in various industrial fields, such as infrastructure maintenance, safety monitoring, and remote medicine. Moreover, sensors are an indispensable part to achieving an AIoT society.

            In addition to LSI (8K SoC), needed for 8K image processing, and CMOS image sensors (8K CIS), the entry point for images, we have an assortment of products, including various sensors, semiconductor wafers, laser devices with the three primary colors of red, green, and blue that allow for full-color image projection.

            These businesses drive industrial and technological innovation, and through the contributions we make to building a healthy and comfortable society for all, we are working to improve the social value of our company.

            8K SoC

            8K CIS

            Semiconductor wafer


            Laser devices

            The Links Between Sharp's Business and the SDGs - 8K Ecosystem Group -

            Business Solutions BU

            Providing smart office solutions to boost client productivity and efficiency, and helping to create a better work environment.

            Business Solutions provides smart office solutions that contribute to improved work efficiency, centered on MFPs and peripheral equipment such as the BIG PAD e-blackboard and TeleOffice videoconferencing system.

            Up to now, MFPs focused primarily on the input/output of paper-based information. However, as work styles diversify, MFPs are transforming into comprehensive business task-support equipment that work better with cloud-based data and aim to create a work environment of optimal efficiency, regardless of the task at hand. In addition to MFPs, Sharp offers a wide range of hardware, including display products, PCs, and smartphones all indispensable to office work. We aim to give back to society by improving workspace environments with total solutions that involve proposals on device usage and business task improvement.

            Along the journey to create the future we all look forward to, Business Solutions will work to respond to the needs of society for improvements to work environments, mitigation of personnel shortages, and increased office productivity. We will not only continue with the technological development of hardware, but also work to optimize service platform and application solutions. In the future, we will go beyond simply improving office information security and task efficiency; we will contribute to the creation of a more pleasant work environment that will form the foundation of our new information society.

            MX-6171 digital full-color MFP
            Note: Photo shows optional equipment.

            TV Systems BU

            Building an 8K+5G Eco System and AIoT World through the development and expanded sales of AV products to provide solutions for a more convenient and comfortable lifestyle.

            TV Systems BU work on product development daily to create and provide new solutions to enhance the audio-visual experience.

            Since producing the world's first 8K UHD display in 2011, we have worked to develop technology to display vivid, detailed images and to reduce costs to make 8K available as a consumer product. This has culminated in the release of the AQUOS 8K AX1 Series—the world's first* LCD TV with a built-in 8K tuner—ahead of the December 1, 2018 start of new 8K broadcasting in Japan.

            We have also worked on the development of products in new genres in the field of audio as well. The AN-SX7A AQUOS Sound Partner wearable neck speaker, released in March 2019, is worn below the ear, rather than covering it, and allows the listener to be enveloped in the sound without shutting out ambient sounds. Development on this product began in 2013, and repeated trial-and-error efforts were made until superb sound quality and wearability were achieved.

            We will continue to develop carefully thought-out products to provide solutions for exciting new lifestyles.

            8K LCD TV

            Sound Partner

            • World's first TV to include a receiver for NHK BS 8K broadcasting, which began in December 2018.
            Display Device Company

            Aiming to build an 8K+5G Ecosystem and AIoT World with the IGZO*1 display.
            Offering solutions—through high-definition, energy-efficient, environmental durability, high-speed drive technology—to the social challenges of healthcare, education, infrastructure, and self-driving, as they evolve in an AIoT society.

            We currently develop, manufacture, and sell display modules for a variety of uses. Among these an LCD that utilizes IGZO, an oxide semiconductor that we were the first in the world to successfully mass produce*2 in March 2012, is notably characterized by its 1) high definition, 2) high-speed drive, 3) low power consumption, and 4) versatility in design, and has been widely embraced by the market.

            The evolution of IGZO continues daily to yield the high-speed, high-data-capacity, high-quality display that will be required in an age of 8K+5G. There will be expectations for the creation of innovative displays in every aspect of our lives. These include ultra-high-speed professional-use monitors in medicine and broadcasting allowing a smooth, high-definition display; mobile device and outdoor signage displays with ultra-low power consumption and high luminosity; and in-vehicle devices with entirely new designs. We are also committed to creating an AIoT society for all by developing the technology for OLED displays, which are expected to grow in use in the future.

            Outdoor signage (smart bus stop)

            • *1 An oxide semiconductor comprising indium, gallium, zinc, and oxygen.
            • *2 Mass produced through joint development with Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.
            Corporate Research & Development BU

            Creating the newest and finest technology in the world that will make an impact on society. Using this as a starting point for the creation of an entirely new ecosystem that will contribute to a sustainable society.

            Corporate Research & Development is the core team in developing the technology to pave the way for Sharp in the future. We create unique technology seminal to new business, and we are working on the construction of an entirely new ecosystem. Our efforts are most focused on building an ecosystem centered on 8K+5G-related technology. In this field, we wield significant competitive edge, such as possessing numerous patents compliant with high-quality wireless communication standards, signified by the 695 patents (5% of global market share and ranked 8th as of May 15, 2019*) in the 5G standards patent family indispensable to 5G products. We also have diverse 8K-related technologies.

            Leveraging this technological capacity, Corporate Research & Development collaborates with various partners in the 8K value chain—from video creation and processing to transmission and display—while advancing the construction of this new ecosystem and being the first to create locally optimized 8K solutions. Moreover, by combining 5G's benefits of being able to send large amounts of data at ultra-high speeds, multiple simultaneous connections, and low-delay/high-reliability transmission, we will contribute to solving social challenges across a wide spectrum of fields, like video, broadcasting, medicine, security, education, and infrastructure maintenance. We will use these efforts to work towards creating a safe and reliable society for all and to achieving goals 3, 4, 7, 8, and 9 of the SDGs.

            • According to research by a third-party institute.

            The Links Between Sharp's Business and the SDGs - ICT Group -

            Mobile Communication BU

            Using communication technology to build a society where everyone has an equal opportunity to find decent work and education.

            Mobile Communication aspires to be a people-oriented business unit that leverages communication technology to keep on producing new value and providing products and services, such as smartphones and mobile phones, that inspire people around the world to live more joyful lives.

            Modern-day Japan is facing a variety of challenges and changes ahead, such as a diminishing workforce due to low birthrates and an aging population, health issues due to overwork, and diversifying work styles due to accommodation of births, childcare, and family care. Moreover, with a view of the digitization of education promoted by the Japanese government and the comprehensive 2020 enforcement of new education requirements, the shift to ICT learning environments in Japan is underway.

            In response to these and in anticipation of the start of the 5G service in spring 2020, we will leverage the technology and knowledge we have built in our business so far to provide added-value solutions. These include shifting work styles towards teleworking to liberate people from time and location constraints, and piquing the interest and fascination children have in learning by creating a mutual and cooperative learning model that allows them to autonomously and cooperatively learn in an easy-to-understand classroom environment.

            5G pre-service smartphone

            Wi-Fi Station mobile router for NTT DoCoMo

            AIoT Cloud Inc., Sharp Cocoro Life Inc.

            Linking a diverse range of hardware and services to an AIoT platform that was developed in AIoT home appliances to yield entirely new value and contributing to the creation of the smart life of the future.

            AIoT Cloud Inc. and Sharp Cocoro Life Inc. will offer platforms that have been developed through AIoT home appliances, such as cloud and voice-activated functions, as well as the office cloud solutions used within Sharp to other companies, thereby contributing to the creation of a smart life.

            In the B2C field, we will provide an open platform using the COCORO HOME smartphone app, which enables the living of a smart life, to connect to not only Sharp home appliances, but the devices and services of other companies, thereby providing services that contribute to solving social challenges, such as taking care of the elderly and reducing home chores in dual-income households. Moreover, in the B2B field, we will provide to other companies office cloud solutions already in use within Sharp offices, such as internal phone systems and chat/videoconferencing systems. By providing support for more efficient business operations, this will contribute to the important social challenge of reforming work styles.

            AIoT platform

            Dynabook Inc.

            Changing the world by creating real, people-oriented computing that serves the interests of society, and generating new added value and services. Working towards solutions that make a more comfortable world.

            Dynabook has developed, manufactured, sold, and offered support and services for PC and system solution products as a member of the Sharp Group since October 2018.

            Accompanying the change to our current company name as of January 1, 2019, we established a new vision—“Changing the world through computing and services”—and are strengthening the technology that supports the fusion of hardware (“dynabook as a Computing”) and software (“dynabook as a Service”) as we expand our business globally.

            The contributions of our business and services to the SDGs spans across the fields of education, energy, decent work and economic growth, industrial and technological innovation, infrastructure, and recycling.

            We have utilized the power-saving technology we have cultivated up to this point to create a battery drive system that lasts for 19 hours. Additionally, we promote waste reduction and recycling in an effort to reduce our environmental footprint.

            We offer optimal devices and solutions to meet the various needs of our customers, such as the introduction of a new education paradigm that uses tablets in classrooms, as well as adapting to diversifying work styles, like telecommuting and mobile work. Moreover, we also offer various services that respond to the challenges our customers face, such as comprehensive support through life-cycle management—from planning the introduction of computers to their updating and removal.

            30th anniversary model-a true PC