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          1. CSR / Environment

            Business Philosophy and Business Creed / “Be Original.” Corporate Motto

            Business Philosophy and Business Creed

            Sharp Will Continue to Fulfill Its Social Responsibility through Its Business Activities

            “Make products that others want to imitate. ”These words, spoken by Sharp founder Tokuji Hayakawa, exemplify his management concept of contributing to society through the company's technologies and manufacturing. This concept is realized by being the first to make products that meet the needs of a new era and by becoming a corporation that is known and trusted by society. In 1973, Sharp articulated this spirit in the company's business philosophy and business creed. This spirit has been passed down continuously over the generations, ever since the company's founding over a hundred years ago.

            The business philosophy represents the image that Sharp aims to present. As stated in the words “contributing to the culture, benefits and welfare of people throughout the world, ”Sharp has always strived for mutual prosperity with society and stakeholders, ever since its founding. This philosophy is the foundation of CSR* today.

            The business creed represents the beliefs and attitudes that all employees must hold fast to in order to realize the business philosophy. Sharp is dedicated to the two principal ideals of “Sincerity and Creativity.” These ideals, which form the foundation of Sharp, involve thoroughly maintaining a customer's perspective and bringing forth inventive products.

            Sharp will remain committed to fulfilling its social responsibility and to being a company that is known and trusted throughout society through business activities that abide by its business philosophy and business creed.

            • Corporate Social Responsibility
            Be Original

            “Be Original.” Corporate Motto

            In November 2016, Sharp announced its “Be Original.” corporate motto. “Be Original.” is Sharp's promise to our customers around the world that we will remain a brand that creates value that is rich in originality and that is uniquely Sharp.

            We have infused two meanings into the word “original.”

            1. Tokuji Hayakawa, Sharp's founder, left us with a spirit of “Sincerity and Creativity.” This spirit will forever be with us and it will remain unchanged as the original foundation of the work we do.
            2. Sharp is a company that is always there for people and that constantly creates new value. By offering various products and services that are uniquely Sharp, we are continuously creating “original products just for you”
              — products and services that enable all of our customers to fulfill their wishes and dreams.

            The period at the end represents our firm commitment to taking on challenges and initiatives with a strong sense of purpose.