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          1. SHARP Blog

            Sharp AQUOS 8K LCD-TV <8T-C80AX1> and 8K Tuner <8S-C00AW1> Wins Gold Award in “Hometheater Grand Prix 2019”

            AQUOS 8K LCD-TV <8T-C80AX1> received Gold Award in “FPD-TV (8K model)” category

            Sharp AQUOS 8K LCD-TV <8T-C80AX1> and 8K tuner <8S-C00AW1> won the Gold Award in “Hometheater Grand Prix 2019” sponsored by Japanese AV magazine “Hometheater phile” (Ongen Publising Co., ltd.).


            8K tuner <8S-C00AW1> received Gold Award in “8K tuner” category

            “Hometheater Grand Prix” is an award based on survey from 100 installers in home theater dealers across Japan, and the Gold Award is given to the product which received most votes in each product category. <8T-C80AX1> was awarded in “FPD TV (8K model)” category, and <8S-C00AW1> was awarded in “8K tuner” category respectively.


            AQUOS 8K Technology


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